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Every Nageela branch hosts various clubs that meet
regularly throughout the year. Here are just a few of the examples


A weekly learning program for boys/girls in branches across the country where girls are given the opportunity to pursue a Jewish learning topic of choice. Counselors are paired to learn with the girls on a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio providing exceptional individualized attention. Each meeting also features a fun, joint, group activity and snack!



A Las Vegas weekly classic, middle school aged boys and girls meet in Coffee Bean where all participants get a free drink! While you might think that is the draw that brings this huge group of middle school students every week, all participants know that the real magnet is the one incredible Rabbi Dani Locker, director of Camp Nageela West!


Big, Little Sister | Big, Little Brother

These programs take place monthly in many cities across the country. This is the fastest growing Nageela program and new locations are currently opening. Parents and kids love the gender specific programming these meetings provide. Each monthly event is a self-contained unit and new participant are constantly joining. Find out if there is a program in your area and join today! No program in your area yet? put together a group of interested boys or girls and we can bring this program to you!


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