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  1- Bumps & Curves Dreaming... Nageela
  2 - Who I Am Come To Nageela!
  3 - Hollywood 2014 Team Nageela (Vocals By CNM Girls)
  4 - Narrow Bridge 2013 Obseuessed With Nageela (Vocals By CNM Girls)
  5 - Shabbos 2012 ICNM (Vocals By CNM Girls)
  6 - Tree Of Life 2011 5 Star Summer (Vocals By CNM Girls)
  7 - Binyomin 2010 Nageela's Going Places (Vocals By CNM Girls)
  8 - Sukkah 2009- Sold On CNM (Vocals By CNM Girls)
  9 - Im A Jew 2008- Nageela's Making History (Vocals By CNM Girls)









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