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All Jewish denominations agree on certain values fundamental to Judaism. Rather than focusing on our style of observance, Camp Nageela focuses on imparting core Jewish values in a way that sparks our campers interest to take pride in their Jewish identity. In this way, children from every background feel comfortable and welcomed. What’s more, the experience will help your child develop confidence, pride and most important – joy - living as American Jews. A proud and self-confident child will become a productive and caring adult, one who is there for family and to serve the community.

Nageela camps feature excellent facilities, many personal comforts, and quality, caring staff. Campers feel at home in their camp surroundings with both personal and emotional comfort. The Nageela programs are well-known for their ability to combine traditional favorites, skill building activities and new, original surprises- Nageela campers anxiously await the ‘breakout’ of each year’s camp theme and logos. Nageela staff members are chosen for their passion in encouraging children to have fun and appreciate their Jewish identity. Our staff practices Traditional Jewish observance and live by its values of caring, warmth, and joy of living. Kids love that the staff is so much fun; parents love that their children have positive role models to respect. For many of our camper families, these role models are the best part of the Nageela experience.


Choosing Nageela is choosing a happier and more fulfilling world. Our participants and campers share a style of fun that includes spirit and meaning. Once experienced, our campers radiate their joy, sharing it with their families, friends, communities and the world. Our staff and campers remain in touch throughout the year, cultivating a warm and caring relationship.

We have many Shabbaton weekends and programs during the year so that our campers stay connected, enhance their Jewish experiences and have the opportunity to experience more of the fun they have each summer at camp.All meals and snacks in camp and at our programs are kosher and Shabbat is celebrated and enjoyed as the highlight of the week by everyone- regardless of their observance at home.

Nageela campers & their families feel valued and cared for as part of our family. This comfort and security helps assure that our campers have a wonderful summer developing skills in sports and the arts, and infused with pride in being a Jew. While all summer camps help children develop maturity to navigate the pathways of life, Camp Nageela puts a joyous skip into their walk.

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